Broken Heart | Heal Your Broken Heart

Rainie Howard

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  • This hit home Rainie! I mean, chills down my spine, tears flooding my eyes, chills. I was in denial for a very long time. I didn’t think I deserved the kind of love I dreamed coming from a broken up and dealing with men who always promise to “do better” , but never change. Constantly taking advantage of the fact that I’ve been giving chance after chance. Thank you for reminding me that my heart IS valuable and I deserve everything God had promised me.

    Tasha Hawkins

  • These videos are helping me,I’m omy to recovery,thank you jesus. THANK YOU THANK YOU

    Desiray smith

  • Thank you so much for your positivity and message! Its a great start into me continuing my journey with the healing process from a toxic relationship and from toxic relationships in the past. Im still healing. And it is not a easy task. But is continuing to work on my heart and heal me. Because i know that he can heal broken hearts. So i continue to pray throughout my journey and stay focused on my goals, because if it failed it wasnt real love.

    chandra terrell

  • I love the message! I needed this I’m trying to heal. It’s a everyday struggle

    Natasha sharpe

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