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How To Stop Attracting Cheaters, Users & Abusers?

If you have a lot of negative, unhealthy, broken people around you, it’s time for you to look at you. As hard as that pill can be to swallow, we do ourselves a great disservice when we refuse to examine what we are doing to “attract” these kinds of people into our most sacred spaces. Get your copy of "When God Sent My Husband" by clicking the book or this link! About the Author: Rainie Howard is the CEO of Rainie Howard Enterprises and the founder of Sisters of Hope Inc. For more of her story, go here Read Rainie Books: Addicted To Pain  When God Sent My Husband Undeniable Breakthrough Online Programs: Spiritual Breakthrough 7-Day Toxic Love Detox Love Class You can also join Rainie on Facebook or Instagram....

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