Ladies Allow A Man To Pursue You

Ladies…have you allowed yourself to be won? A man loves a challenge, it’s in his nature to hunt, hustle, and pursue to win. Consider the millions of men who enjoy sports; its the process of overcoming something challenging and striving to win in the end. If a man doesn’t have to work for you, pursue you, endure the challenge of striving to win your love; it’s in his nature to find someone else who will challenge him to do so. When he wins you after successfully completing the process of courtship, he can then cherish you like the ultimate prize. If winning you isn’t easy, a man can trust that no one else can easily have his prize because it’s a timely committed process that can’t easily be won. Some women make life too easy for men. They give them money, shelter, meals, sex and all their time and attention without requiring a man to work for anything. Why should he commit and settle down with a woman who doesn’t require that he do what’s in his very nature to do, hunt, hustle, endure and win. If there’s no required process to win you he has absolutely nothing to pursue. So here’s the reason so many women can’t “keep” a man. It’s not about having cute hair, a snatched body and eyebrows on FLEEK. You can have the toughest designer shoes...he can care less. A man wants to know, can you be won?

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