Love Class- Healthy Relationships

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  • Iā€™m so excited to get my book Addicted To Pain. I might just have to order You Are Enough after I finish! So inspired.

    Courtney Skinner

  • Im 48 years young…single mommy of (5) 4 adult children and a beautiful 7 year old son…was married for 24 years divorced 13 years now …i have experienced my share of bad relationships…causing me to throw in the towel and focus on God and my babies…and then here comes what i would believe is the Godly man that ive been praying for …hes a good man …we have been in each others lives off and on for about a year…with breaks in between because suddenly he retracts from me and from the world…diving in to Gods word…which is amazing….but keeping to himself…closing himself off to me as well…im praying for understanding…and trying to do the right thing…so i wait patiently…praying! For direction in the way i should go! It could be weeks …months before i hear from him…at all….


  • Oh boy where do i start im married been married for 7 years and its been hard times sad times and bad times i cant even remember happy times ive been holding us down im ready to move on its like my husband is just a roommate im a recovering addict and he still is using i sure need some advice i know my worth and i want to be happy i hope your book give some good tools cause i dont know what to do but if im not happy i need to make a move soon please pray for me god bless

    Jennifer Gaines

  • Ive been in an off an on relationship with my kid’s father for 25 years now and i just kicked him out almost a month ago. I havent talked to him at all and he still has my house key. The last he said to me was he doesnt want to leave but he needs to work on himself. Come to find out he left for another girl that he left me for before. Our son hates him and wants nothing to do with him. Im trying to get my head on right about all this and my life straightened outbut its hard. I just read the book addicted to pain and it hit home on alot of things but what do I do? I miss him and sometimes want him back but i love how my life is now, not worring about who he is talking to or anything.

    Tara Roscia

  • This is wonderful, much needed. Congratulations on your success.


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