Health Wealth Love: Raise Your Standard

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 Write your comments below. Answer the following questions: What did you like about this video? What are the new habits you want to create in your life?

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  • I enjoyed the video. I actually applied the saving %10 , giving , investing and debt this last paycheck 1-11-2019. I put up /saved $250. I haven’t given $250 yet, but I did give or support a black business buy buying / ordering your book: Miracles in your Mouth. I also made an investment of $80 into my clothing business. I bought leather gloves and socks to sell again. I am a peddler on the side, but I stopped for about a year. To concentrate on just my career job.. That video motivated me to put in some action and go to the wholesale store and start hustling again. I also started paying off some old debt…..So thank you Rainie for the video and motivation. I am looking forward to getting my book I ordered and to increase my knowledge and spirituality.

    Craig. Bates

  • First I wanna say the video was awesome, so inspiring so much information. I have so many notes. Let’s see, I’m already working on changing my thinking, I wanna work on changing my spending habits, and I wanna begin to save. I have opened 3 account to begin but have yet to start the process. My question is: when you live pay check to pay check, how do you save give and invest when that’s all you have to pay your bills? When you say invest what should we invest in?

    Laskya Pruitt-Lewis

  • Omg!!! First I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to sure what God had blessed you with! Thank God for you Rainie you are such a blessing🙏😇 I loved it all learned so much, learned about how the cycle of things go, how to make my finances better and I will start to apply all that I have learned !! Also learned how to get peace of mind, to stay away from negative talk and how it affects you wow!! So excited about better in my life and others around me, looking forward to your next video!! Thank you so much have a wonderful blessed day🙏😇❤️❤️

    Elana Robertson

  • Awesome video! Great information and it encouraged me to raise my standard of thinking! Looking forward to the next video!

    Angela Hill

  • I want to renew my mind. I’m so in my head and it’s all negative every single day. I have to learn to be more grateful n my current situation. My thoughts are trouble negative and it’s destroying my life. I’m so conflicted.. I will be more grateful

    Latasha Hill

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