Health Wealth Love: Raise Your Standard

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 Write your comments below. Answer the following questions: What did you like about this video? What are the new habits you want to create in your life?

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  • Hi Rainie,
    I loved the video and all the content that you exposed to me. This was very informative and will help me with raising my standards. This video gives me an intimate and personal, one on one connection with you and also gives me the time to take notes and clearly understand the principles that you are teaching. I am glad to see that I am on the right track as it pertains to your principles on finances. Thank God. What I learned or should I say, remind me to do, is be grateful for everything in my life, big or small. Thank you for always allowing God to use you to give me what I need to become a better steward for him and myself.
    Thank you and God Bless you always!!!


    Michelle Johnson

  • I want to renew my mind and be more secure in who I am in Christ. I want to get healthy and start my nursing degree, I want to get out of debt and be financially responsible… this video was so inspirational I will continue to look out for more! I’m excited

    Kandis Hart

  • I love it this was very helpful to me.i learn how to think better that’s going to be my new habit for this week. And you gave some really good advice…

    Chantal Revel

  • I want thank you so i’ve been struggling financially and my marriage I’m trying to reprogram the way I think

    Raquel Smith

  • I want to stop living feom pay check to pay check, I want to get out of debts. I want me and god ro get closer and I want to be successful in my business.

    Natoya Levy

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