Health Wealth Love: Raise Your Standard

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 Write your comments below. Answer the following questions: What did you like about this video? What are the new habits you want to create in your life?

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  • This is very encouraging and I like how this video help me to become the best me in many ways to transform for the better to improve my life, relationship and in general. I would like to create a new relationship with people, family, friends and maybe find a new relationship for myself with someone. Whomever God has for me that he chooses to bring in my life. I would like to be more financially stabled and employed.

    Leon Goods Jr.

  • As always Rainie, this video has moved me, I have learned the importance of training my mind and how to change my way of thinking. I’ve learned how to be grateful also. I love it, I’m loooking forward to whats to come.

    Tiffany Critten

  • I want to become a home owner, a career in which I will enjoy, I want to be a saver in not a spender, I want wealth, I want to excell money, I’m tired of living check to check. I want to over turn being a diabetic. I want love real love, marriage, and most important I want to Walk in obedience to all that the Lord our God has commanded.

    Tiffany Critten

  • I want a constant work out and becoming a homeowner hearing God more clearly on direction of my life


  • I had to raise my standards to do things to the best of my ability and not the best of what others were doing around me and sometimes that caused some people to be insecure and others to be inspired. I had to learn to not be concerned about what other people think.

    Rainie Howard

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