Love or Lust

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  • lacey morse

    my boyfrie.d that I met through a friend truly had me believing he was my soul mate. I divorced my husband for him . I had 2 children with this man after following him to the edge of a state wherr I had no one . At whivh time he showed his true colors of abuse ,hate,and his addiction to alcohol and drugs. After signing up for a job out of town we started to see him less and less he was our provider amd would not pay the bills and them stopped coming home , but I would always take him back when he wanted. finally this past October he took his things aftrr coming home for 2 days and me fin ding hom having sex with a other women amd he recorded it on his phone, he just left he went back home to indiana. our 1st daughter was just months old . I since I met him have been faithful have chose to belive him when he said he would never hit me or hurt me agian. now I’m having the hardest time telling my self it’s over , I believe him when he says I am over weight I gained to much weight I was almost pregant for 2 stright years our children are not even 2 years apart.I gave this mam that told me swore to me he would marry me I would drive across the country for this man therr was something that he gave me no other mam had ever something I saw , amd yet he can just forget about us just leave not call not miss his own babies. how is it I find my self blaming myself why do I think we’ll if I do this he will love me . my latest feeling that I can’t seem to get over is the fact that I know how hard it was wen my parents split up amd I was in a family that had separate homes . I pray about it I still don’t know why I’m holding on almost yo the point I’m begging him , I feel like if I don’t male this work my poor kids will have problems ,issues like I did amd maybe even worse , like drugs or hatred towards him amd even me . what should I son how do I ask God to come into my life how do I begin to pray amd except the holy sprit . my parents moves away from both the familys when they were young and kept us from all our family ,so they both worked so I don’t know anything about church either an do want to go so badly I just don’t know which one to go to, I don’t know how to pick . I was meant to stumble across you on facebook everything you say it’s like your talking to me. and about the lesson ‘can a person start to fall in love with a person that’s been loving them ,can kust turn into love since it is a chos?

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