Patrick and Rainie Howard's Story

Rainie Howard

From High School Prom to 12+ Years of Marriage

When I say all things are possible with God in your life I mean it. My husband & I both come from single parent homes. After being best friends, we started dating my senior year of high school. During the last years of college, when my husband was 20 years old & I was 21 we got married. Although we knew it would be challenging we worked together to build a strong marriage, finish school and start our careers and have kids.

We’ve been through so many tests and trials. We have laughed, cried, argued, and had lots of fun together! After two master degrees, three businesses and amazing careers our teamwork has paid off. We started off with a one-bedroom apartment to now living in a five bedroom two-story home. God has blessed us with two amazingly smart children we love dearly.

We’ve experienced so much in the 15 years we’ve known each other. In the beginning so many people didn’t believe we would make it. They said we were too young and dumb. We were broke and naïve…BUT God! God has been in the center of it all. Whenever we encounter difficult moments we pray for direction and provision, we never go to bed angry and our love has grown stronger & stronger. I write all of this to encourage you not to give up on love. The union of “Marriage” is under an attack and so many people have lost their faith in being happily married. So many people don’t believe love exist especially in young people. We are here to display true unconditional LOVE! Don’t give up on experiencing real love; it’s so POWERFUL! I never knew love like this was real.

P.S. We did this with no infidelity, no affairs and no other relationships. All men don’t cheat, there are faithful men and women still living, breathing and loving in this world. There is HOPE


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