How Your Childhood Trauma Attracts Relationships

Rainie Howard


They tell you not to worry, don't be anxious or afraid... BUT--What do you do when fear and anxiety were some of the first habitual emotions you learned as a child?What if your childhood included trauma, uncertainty, chaos and instability? What would you do if I told you that your childhood trauma is attracting your relationship? Would you do anything differently or... Would you feel like it was out of your control? Well... I hate to break this news to you BUT... Until you heal from your childhood trauma, you will continue to attract painful relationship experiences.

Some people downplay their trauma and brush off their childhood experiences like it’s not REALLY that big of a deal.

This often happens when the people who hurt us convince us that we were overreacting and that’s something we still deal with today.Childhood trauma will leave you feeling not good enough, insecure and unworthy of love. And it's all subconscious...


This is why it’s so hard to have a healthy, lasting relationship until you’ve released your childhood trauma. We inevitably carry this trauma with us into every relationship, waiting to be rejected, hurt, abandoned and heartbroken, even if we’re in a healthy relationship that is GOOD for us.It's a pattern in your thoughts and beliefs that's leading you to unhealthy relationships. These insecurities are a result of the roots of fear, guilt and shame.It leads to being a people pleaser...And you often become addicted to the approval of others. Well, I have good news,I would like to offer you the opportunity of healing childhood trauma, learning how to embrace, accept and love yourself.As you begin doing the inner (mental, spiritual and emotional) work of healing through my bestselling book You Are Enough, you will learn to overcome people pleasing and emotionally unavailable relationships, renew your mind, and transform your life.


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