Where is My Husband Lord?

Rainie Howard

You’ve been through it all, from one relationship to another looking for the right man. You’ve given your heart away too many times and you are finally fed up! You’re tired of being heart broken and your prayer is, “where is my husband Lord”? You've been wondering how to find a husband?

Could it be that you are losing in the game of “love”? Have you been seeking relationship advice and dating tips but fail to get the relationship help you need? Your desperate attempt to have a husband is attracting the wrong men into your life. You may experience jealousy after seeing other women happily married or newly engaged. Your jealousy comes from looking for a husband who seems difficult to find. Let’s start by first asking yourself, why do you feel the need to have a husband? If your answer to that question includes any of the following, we have work to do.

  • You want someone to hold and cuddle with to take away your lonely nights
  • You want someone to fulfill your sexual needs 
  • You need someone to love you and care for you
  • You would like to get married and start a family

Although the previous statements aren’t necessarily bad, some are good and understandable desires. However, none of them are the best motive for having a husband. In fact many of those motives will keep you in a continual cycle of failed relationships. It’s not that difficult to find a man who would be willing to cuddle through lonely nights, fulfill your sexual needs, say he love you and even be willing to marry you and have children. Those things are not that difficult to obtain but let’s go beyond the surface needs.

First you must understand, you have a purpose and destiny for your life. God has placed specific gifts and talents in you and he has ordered your steps. Which means there’s a specific companion for you. You will compliment your husband’s life and he will compliment yours. The two of you should share and connect spiritually first (2 Corinthians 6:14). Remember you are a spirit with a soul who temporarily lives in a body.

 Dating tips for women: Instead of desiring a husband to meet your physical needs you should change your motives to seeking the right man to help enhance your life in fulfilling your destiny and purpose.

The two of you should share some similar visions and passions. For instance if your vision is to be married before age 35 and travel the world, you may not want to enter a serious relationship with someone who hates traveling and would prefer never to get married. It’s also very important that you allow friendship to be the foundation of your marriage.

Preparing for marriage: When you are friends first with a shared vision your relationship has greater chances of flourishing into an amazing marriage. When you change your motive to preparing yourself to understanding your purpose, and vision while seeking a friendship with a man with a shared vision, you will began to experience a difference in the men you attract and who you allow yourself to become involved with. I remember a time in my life when having a husband was more important than anything. Being in a relationship took top priority in my life. Looking for love wasn't easy and as a Christian dating was even complicated. I had my boundaries and waiting for sex until marriage wasn't something most men I dated was willing to do. 
My number one prayer was, “send my husband Lord.” I grew up without a father and I yearned for the attention and love from a man. I was empty and desperately trying to fill the void in my life. When God sent my husband to me he sent him first as a friend. He was building a solid foundation to prepare us for a divine purpose. I had to become content and happy without being married. I needed to know I lacked no good thing and God had already supplied everything I needed for each season of my life. It’s not about you having a husband to make you happy, it’s about a divine life partnership that will fulfill the purpose and calling on both of your lives. That role can’t be filled with just anybody. It takes a special soul. Are you willing to patiently wait for the right husband? Are you fed up with dating losers who waste your time?
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