When God Sent My Husband (Paperback)

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When God Sent My Husband (Paperback) - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises
When God Sent My Husband (Paperback) - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises
When God Sent My Husband (Paperback) - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises
When God Sent My Husband (Paperback) - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises
When God Sent My Husband (Paperback) - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises

Have you been praying for a husband?

Seeking advice on Christian dating? It’s not easy being single and when you have a vision to be married, it’s challenging to patiently wait on the right one. It’s important to understand that God has a divine purpose for your life and He wants to gift you with the right man. Ranked one of the top bestseller Christian books on dating, “When God Sent My Husband” is a single women’s guide to gaining wisdom on:

  • Preparing for marriage
  • Overcoming commitment issues
  • Building a solid foundation that captures and keeps love

“When God Sent My Husband” is named a must-read for single women books. Relationship expert, Rainie Howard shares her personal story of seeking love, dating and embracing the divine experience of God bringing her husband into her life. This is a miraculous story of God being the ultimate matchmaker. This book will encourage you to take a spiritual and practical approach towards Christian dating and preparing for marriage.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Something for everyone!

I read Rainie's book in two days because I was excited to read words that were written from her heart. I poured a glass of wine, with a hot bubble bath and started reading! I do not know Mrs. Howard. I am an author myself and I know what it takes to produce a good book. I happened to see a Facebook Ad and decided to check it out. I loved the book cover and that is what compelled me to read this particular one She took me back to memories of my own love life when I was in school. The experiences of heartbreak and having someone you love not want to wait for you intimately. Some of the characteristics in her book as being a young girl who was boy crazy with strict parenting were issues that I could relate to when I was growing up. She made this book personable. She opened up her heart, as did her husband, to share in her book their personal love journey and photos of the two from back then and now! The book is even good for people who are not experiencing relationship issues because there are scriptures and experiences in the book that offer a little something for everybody.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Read!

"When God Sent My Husband " is a very relatable book. I honestly could not put it down,i read it in one day. I feel like Rainie Howard must know specifically what's going on in my life, because every question I had about relationships, soul ties and finding myself was answered in her book. Without giving any bits of the book away, I would like to say that this book came right at a point in my life where I had felt I was lost as far as my relationship. She put everything into perspective and I have been even more happy every since I finished reading her book.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ OMG, The Best Book Ever 

Omgggg...This book is the best I literally read the whole book in a day ..I couldn't put it down lol..it helped me out and I got closers to God and I'm glad I read it and I actually told a couple of ppl about this book and they also read it and helped them as well I just wanna thank you Rainie I enjoyed ur book u are an inspiration!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Book Helped Me!

This book helped me see the cycle in the type of men I was attracting into my life. I realized what the "one" looks like and what he doesn't look like. This book helped me see why it's so important to wait for the "one" and not chase after what's not for me.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LOVED IT!!!!!!

I absolutely loved the book. I was so confused about the relationship I was in.
The book helped me sort out my feelings, and make the changes I needed to make.
I also bought my niece a book, she loved it. I couldn't put it down.Thank you so much Rainie Howard

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