Love Class Book Club


Love Class Book Club

“When God Sent My Husband”-Love Class Book Club: Free to Join!

You may join the virtual club or start your own book club at home, church or out in the community. Learn about #SpiritualDating and how to allow God to be the ultimate love matchmaker in your relationship.

This small group series “Love Class” includes:

  • Video Sessions
  • Daily Emails
  • One Leader Guide (For Registered Book Club Leaders)
  • Mini Love Projects To Complete
  • Dating Suggestions & Advice
  • Wisdom & Tips For Preparing For Marriage

Want To Join? 

  1. Gather A Group Of Friends Or Go At It Alone By Clicking Here To Sign Up!
  2. Order Your Copies Of The Book Now If You Don’t Have It By Clicking This Link! 
  3. Join The Trending Discussion By Posting & Sharing Each Day! #SpiritualDating #KeepingHisHeart #RealLoveExist

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