Welcome To The Sacred Sisters VIP

Hey there,
Welcome to the Sacred Sisters VIP! You are now connected to a life-changing transformational coaching group and partnership.
As promised I have added the links for the Sacred Sisters VIP Pre-work and the Sacred Life Class. Complete the following steps.
  1. Click this link and complete all the questions to the pre-work.
  2. Click this link and watch the Sacred Life Class video
  3. Go to my Facebook fan page and add this comment to the recent post; “Rainie I’ve watched the Sacred Life Class video and I am committed to apply diligence in my ___________(type the area in your life you are going to apply diligence).”
  4. A HUGE part of our daily & weekly communication will be through our private Facebook group. Click this link to join us! 
  5. Finally invite a friend or two to join us by becoming a member of the Sacred Sisters VIP!
I’m so glad we are connected! Let’s start this never-ending life-changing journey.
I love ya, blessings,
Rainie XOXO