Author's Master University

Author's Master University

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Over 2 Hours of Video Training!

Learn everything you need to know. Part 1 & 2 of the Author's Master Classes includes the following. 

Author's Master Class: Part 1 - Write & Publish Your Book

  • Develop your concept
  • Money-making strategy on creating a great title
  • Choose your genre and marketable category
  • Create a reasonable writing schedule
  • Learn how to write a bestseller in 30 days
  • Build your audience of readers before you finish your book
  • Receive advice & software tools on finding a great editor & proofreaders
  • Gain insight on book formatting
  • Marketing strategies & vision on designing the best book cover
  • Step-by-step details on completely publishing your book
  • Convert your book into an eBook & printed paperback book

    Author's Master Class: Part 2- Build Wealth From Your Bestseller

    • Create multiple streams of income from your book
    • Turn your book into a course
    • Free ways to promote your book for profit
    • Build a launch team to promote your book
    • Learn email marketing strategies that sell your book
    • Sell your book on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
    • Make money selling your book through blogs
    • Gain insight on how to get media coverage
    • Brand yourself as an expert author & speaker
    • Grow your sells through book signing events and trade shows
    • Learn how to create your own signature book club