Deciding To Love Book

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Deciding To Love Book
Deciding To Love Book - Real Love Exist, Rainie Howard Enterprises

Turn Your Argumentative, Frustrating, Painful Relationship Into An Understanding, Healthy, Happy, Loving Relationship

It’s supposed to be love but in those rare moments it feels like pain. You’re supposed to be happy and on the outside, everything looks good, but the truth is deep down inside you are wondering if it will last.

 What do you do when the love fades, when the commitment wavers and when you’re not sure if you will stay in a relationship? How do you endure the challenges of the heart and the feelings of frustration that makes you want to quit? How do you get through the hurtful emotions, the resentment and the fears that hold you hostage? How do you stop replaying the disappointing past that seems to define your present moment?

 But really you love him it’s just chaotic at times. Most days things are quiet and smooth. But those other times when the wrong button is pushed the atmosphere changes and you don’t recognize him anymore. You don’t recognize yourself anymore, you’re shaken up and fearful. You’re confused and uncertain about what’s next. You don’t know why things blow up so badly and the rage, pain and anger gets out of control. Where does it come from? Where has it been hiding all that time and when will it come back? Will next time be worst? 

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