Whole Again: Healing From A Toxic Relationship VIRTUAL COURSE

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Whole Again: Healing From A Toxic Relationship VIRTUAL COURSE

What you'll learn:

  • How Manipulators Seek Influence Through Lies and Guilt
  • How They Deceive You By Appearing To Be Someone Else
  • Three Signs that You are Dealing with a Manipulator
  • Why They Always Make You Feel Guilty
  • How to Protect Yourself & Prevent Manipulation
  • Learn Manipulation Tactics and Motives behind Manipulators 

GET OVER 4 HOURS OF THE ENTIRE "Whole Again: Healing Your A Toxic Relationship" VIRTUAL COURSE 


  • Mind Games: Exposing Mental Manipulation ( Narcissist Abuse)
  • Emotionally Wounded: Feeling Sorry and Empathizing with Toxic Partner
  • Getting Over Him: How To Heal When He's Happy With Someone Else
  • Self Love: Learn To Love and Accept Yourself After A Toxic Relationship



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mind-blowing! I'm learning so much.

I enjoyed the webinar. One thing that I am realizing about myself and relationships is that I see the other person's potential to be a great partner and I find myself taking on their baggage but haven't healed my own. Then it becomes emotionally draining or overwhelming because I expect the same love and understanding I give. So I expect me from other people and it ends with me feeling defeated.

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